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Yuneec Q500 Propeller/ Rotorblatt B Set (Drehrichtung links)  YUNQ500115B
Product-Nr: A72003
Yuneec Q500 Propeller / Rotor Blade B Set (Turning Left) YUNQ500115B
Spare rotor blades for Yuneec Typhoon 500/500 + Delivery: 2 pcs.
9.99€ * 19.99€ *
Align HQ0183A Heckrotorblatt-Set
Product-Nr: A67003
Align HQ0183A Tail Blade-Set
1.99€ * 3.99€ *
Align HD123D Hauptrotorblätter gelb
Product-Nr: A33921
Align HD123D Blades yellow
3.49€ * 6.99€ *
Xtreme XCB135-C Glass Fiber Blade 135mm -Red/Orange
Product-Nr: A36866
Xtreme XCB135-C Glass Fiber Blade 135mm -Red/Orange
15.99€ *
Xtreme XCB135-B Carbon Rotorblätter Blade 135mm Gelb
Product-Nr: A36837
Xtreme XCB135-B Carbon Blades Blade 135mm Yellow
22.99€ *
Xtreme XCB135-A Carbon Rotorblätter Blade 135mm Rot
Product-Nr: A36836
Xtreme XCB135-A Carbon blades Blade 135mm Red
22.99€ *
Xtreme MCPXBL06-R Though Hauptrotorblätter Rot
Product-Nr: A36809
Xtreme MCPXBL06-R Xtreme Tough Main Blade Red
4.99€ *
Xtreme MCPXBL06-BK Tough Hauptrotorblätter Schwarz
Product-Nr: A36808
Xtreme MCPXBL06-BK Xtreme Tough Main Blade Black
5.99€ *
Xtreme MCPXBL05-Y Fast Respond Hauptrotorblätter Gelb
Product-Nr: A36807
Xtreme MCPXBL05-Y Fast Respond Main Blade Yellow
4.99€ *
Xtreme MCPXBL05-R Fast Respond Hauptrotorblätter Rot
Product-Nr: A36806
Xtreme MCPXBL05-R Fast Respond Main Blade Red
5.99€ *
Xtreme MCPXBL05-BK Fast Respond Hauptrotorblätter Schwarz
Product-Nr: A36805
Xtreme MCPXBL05-BK Fast Respond Main Blade Black
4.99€ *
Xtreme NACPX07-Y Hauptrotorblätter Gelb
Product-Nr: A36800
Xtreme NACPX07-Y Main Blade Yellow
4.99€ *
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