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Evermax 10 Min. Epoxy 90g, Epoxidharz, Harz/Härter 040021
Product-Nr: A67500
Evermax 10 min. Epoxy 90g, epoxy resin, resin /...
Trade4me 10 minutes epoxy resin for quick model repair. The delivery contains 90g epoxy resin.
6.99€ *
Evermax Sekundenkleber Styro 20 ml
Product-Nr: A67510
Evermax superglue Styro 20 ml
7.99€ *
UHU Por Kleber 40g Tube 45905
Product-Nr: A70063
UHU Por Glue 40g Tube 45905
UHU por was specially developed for the gluing of polystyrene rigid foam (for example Styrofoam).
5.79€ *
UHU Plus Endfest Tube Binder 8,5g Tube Härter 6,5g 45670
Product-Nr: A70055
UHU Plus Endfest Tube Binder 8,5g Tube Hardener...
Two-component epoxy-based adhesive for highest loads.
10.49€ *
UHU Hart 35g Tube 45495
Product-Nr: A70061
UHU Hart 35g Tube 45495
For wood materials, balsa, metals and many modeling plastics (unsuitable for polystyrene)
4.29€ *
UHU Plast Spezial 30g Flasche mit Feindosierspitze 45880
Product-Nr: A70062
UHU Plast Spezial 30g bottle with fine nozzle...
For models made of plastic also in combination with other materials such as wood, cardboard, paper etc ...
4.59€ * 4.79€ *
UHU Plus Sofortfest Tube Binder Tube Härter je 15ml 45705
Product-Nr: A70057
UHU Plus Immediate Tube Binder Tube Hardener...
UHU plus sofortfest is a two-component adhesive based on epoxy resin for particularly fast bonding on small surfaces.
10.49€ *
UHU patafix PRO Power 21 Stück 47905
Product-Nr: A70051
UHU patafix PRO Power 21 pcs 47905
UHU patafix PROPower - the practical and ultra-strong helper for DIY and repair!
4.29€ *
UHU Doppel Stripes Extreme 16 Stück 45450
Product-Nr: A70064
UHU Doppel Stripes Extreme 16 pcs 45450
UHU DOUBLE STRIPS EXTREM are particularly durable, double-sided assembly adhesive strips with permanently high strength. The alternative to screwing and nailing.
5.79€ *
UHU Sekundenkleber blitzschnell Pipette flüssig 3g 45570
Product-Nr: A70053
UHU Secondary glue lightning fast Pipette...
Extremely strong seconds glue!
4.59€ *
UHU Schraubensicher mittelfest 10ml 45590
Product-Nr: A70059
UHU Screw secure medium resistant 10ml 45590
Universal fixing for metallic screw connections for securing against release by vibration and impact.
9.99€ *
UHU Patafix Deco 32 Stück 47910
Product-Nr: A70050
UHU Patafix Deco 32 pcs 47910
UHU patafix deco - the clever and strong helper - every day anew!
3.29€ *
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