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Carson 500904031 Kugellagersatz
Product-Nr: A71296
Carson 500904031 Bearing Set
Ball bearing set, 14-part, for the TAMIYA DT-02 chassis. Fitting e.g. also for Neo-Fighter, Superfighter G, Sandrover, Street Rover and others.
14.49€ *
LC-Racing L6125 Kugellager Set 8 x 12 x 3,5mm
Product-Nr: A31897
LC-Racing L6125 BALL BEARINGS SET 8X12X3.5
4.95€ *
LC-Racing L6124 Kugellager Set 4 x 7 x 2,5mm
Product-Nr: A31896
4.95€ *
OneHobby MR681xzz Kugellager 1,5x4x2
Product-Nr: A39750
OneHobby MR681xzz Ball bearing 1,5x4x2
0.99€ *
OneHobby MR63 Kugellager 3x6x2,5
Product-Nr: A39716
OneHobby MR63 Ball bearings 3x6x2,5
1.00€ *
OneHobby MR84 Kugellager 4x8x3
Product-Nr: A39749
OneHobby MR84 Kugellager 4x8x3
0.99€ *
OneHobby MR682 Kugellager 2,5x6x2,3
Product-Nr: A39748
OneHobby MR682 Ball bearing 2,5x6x2,3
0.99€ *
OneHobby MR681x Kugellager 1,5x4x1,2
Product-Nr: A39747
OneHobby MR681x Ball bearing 1,5x4x1,2
0.99€ *
OneHobby MR52 Kugellager 2x5x2,5
Product-Nr: A39745
OneHobby MR52 Ball bearing 2x5x2,5
0.99€ *
OneHobby MR126 Kugellager 6x12x4
Product-Nr: A39744
OneHobby MR126 Ball bearing 6x12x4
0.99€ *
OneHobby MF84 Kugellager 4x8x3
Product-Nr: A39743
OneHobby MF84 Ball bearing 4x8x3
0.99€ *
OneHobby MF681x Kugellager 1,5x4x2
Product-Nr: A39742
OneHobby MF681x Ball bearing 1,5x4x2
0.99€ *
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