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FXT FX797T Micro Kamera inkl. 25mW Sender für kleine Racer oder Flugzeuge
Product-Nr: A39960
FXT FX797T Micro Camera incl. 25mW Transmitter...
Micro FPV System for small planes and copters
29.90€ * 69.90€ *
OneHobby Sonnenschutz für Smartphone FPV Universell Einsätzbar
Product-Nr: A39852
OneHobby Sonnenschutz für FPV Anwendungen und...
Original model making accessories by onehobby
13.99€ *
Walkera G-3D-Z-20(M) Schraubenset
Product-Nr: A60559
Walkera G-3D-Z-20(M) Screw set
1.49€ * 3.95€ *
ImmersionRC UNO5800V4 Uno5800 v4 5.8GHz A/V Empfänger
Product-Nr: A39811
ImmersionRC UNO5800V4 Uno5800 v4 5.8GHz A/V...
Hochleistungs A/V Empfänger für den Einsatz auf dem 5,8 GHz-ISM-Band. V4 bietet eine 32-Kanal Kompatibilität für die meisten 5G8 Sender auf dem FPV-Markt.
64.95€ * 76.95€ *
Team-Black-Sheep FPV 59 Kamera 590 TVL Sony 1/3 Zoll Super HAD CCD II
Product-Nr: A36319
Team-Black-Sheep 59 FPV Kamera 590 TVL Sony 1/3...
Nach dem großen Erfolg der TBS69 hat TBS ein weiteres Juwel enthüllt. Die TBS TBS 59 FPV Kamera 590 TVL Sony 1/3 Zoll Super HAD CCD II. Die Kamera ist mit dem 1/3 "Super Sony HADII CCD-Sensor ausgestattet, der in der FPV-Szene sehr...
94.99€ * 120.90€ *
Team-Black-Sheep Safety First Weste
Product-Nr: A36318
Team-Black-Sheep Safety First Vest
Safety First is not just a requirement, it's a lifestyle. But how to communicate that your operation is totally safe? This kit silences the last doubter.
12.99€ * 18.95€ *
ImmersionRC FPV Videosender Kabelsatz 600mW_wire
Product-Nr: A39805
ImmersionRC FPV Video Transmitter Cable Set...
Cable set to the ImmersionsRC FPV video transmitters. The Molex connector with open cable ends and the power supply cable are ready assembled in the set.
4.99€ * 15.95€ *
Walkera G-2D-Z-11(P) Schrauben Set
Product-Nr: A60467
Walkera G-2D-Z-11(P) Screw set
0.99€ * 1.95€ *
Hubsan H101-D25 FPV Kamera Modul
Product-Nr: A37458
Hubsan H101-D25 FPV Camera Modul
26.99€ * 44.99€ *
Fatshark Dominator RX 5.8 GHz FPV Empfangsmodul + Antenne FSV2422
Product-Nr: A36403
Fatshark Dominator 5G8RX module FSV2422
A great plug & play upgrade for your fatshark Dominator Videobrille. This 5.8 GHz FPV receive module is exclusively for the fatshark Dominator. Zm installation, you have to open the front small lid of the Dominator, module plug-ready
32.99€ * 49.95€ *
Team-Black-Sheep GoPro3 A/V Cable (Cables)
Product-Nr: A36315
Team-Black-Sheep GoPro3 A/V Cable (Cables)
5.99€ * 8.95€ *
Team-Black-Sheep Current Sensor 50A (TBS CORE)
Product-Nr: A36314
Team-Black-Sheep Current Sensor 50A (TBS CORE)
Current sensor version 50A for the TBS core
9.99€ * 16.90€ *
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