Payment / Dispatch



Delivery costs within the EU starting from only 7,90 Euro.


Austria: 7,90 Euro


Belgium: 7,90 Euro


Netherlands: 7,90 Euro


Denmark: 9,90 Euro


Luxembourg: 9,90 Euro


France: 9,90 Euro


Czech Republic: 9,90 Euro


Liechtenstein: 9,90 Euro


Monaco: 9,90 Euro


Poland: 9,90 Euro


Spain: 13,90 Euro


Great Britain: 13,90 Euro


Vatican: 13,90 Euro


Hungary: 13,90 Euro


Italy: 13,90 Euro


San Marino: 13,90 Euro


Slovakia: 13,90 Euro


Slovenia: 13,90 Euro


Sweden: 13,90 Euro


Bulgaria: 17,90 Euro


Croatia: 17,90 Euro


Cyprus: 17,90 Euro


Estonia: 17,90 Euro


Finland: 17,90 Euro


Greece: 17,90 Euro


Irland: 17,90 Euro


Latvia: 17,90 Euro


Lithuania: 17,90 Euro


Malta: 17,90 Euro


Portugal: 17,90 Euro


Romania: 17,90 Euro


Norway: 17,90 Euro


Switzerland: 35,00 Euro


Purchase confirmation 
after the order

After your order you'll receive within 10 minutes an e-mail form us with our bank information and the payment reference for your transfer. Please use these information for your transfer, because otherwise we won't be able to link your order with your payment and the shipment will take longer. Please inform us as soon as possible if you haven't received this mail within an hour.

You can pay by bank transfer or paypal.


After we received your payment we'll send your order out. You'll get a notice by email that your order is on its way. Please inform us if the delivery takes longer than expected. We'll get in contact with DHL for you. 

Our service team is there for you within following times:
Mondays to Thursdays from 08.00-16.00 o'clock and Fridays from
08.00-14.00 o'clock under following telephone number:
+49(0)511/ 64 66 22 22. You can also reach us by mail: