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HPI Lenkservohalter / Servo Saver Se H105517
Product-Nr: A62405
HPI Steering servo holder / servo saver Se H105517
Steering servo holder / Servo Saver Set by HPI suitable for the Mini Recon
9.89€ * 17.54€ *
HPI HPI O-Ring 6mm 101030
Product-Nr: A62228
HPI HPI O-Ring 6mm 101030
Original spare part by HPI.
2.89€ * 4.86€ *
HPI Knochen 7x57mm H86233
Product-Nr: A65050
HPI Bones 7x57mm H86233
MT 2 rear center (black) (not for original MT)
4.59€ * 7.79€ *
HPI Cup Joint 7X19mm H86234
Product-Nr: A78127
HPI Cup Joint 7X19mm H86234
Replacement cup joint
4.59€ * 7.79€ *
HPI H85097 Mittelpf./Servohorn/Lenkgest. (Sprint2)
Product-Nr: A62478
HPI H85097 Mittelpf./Servohorn/Lenkgest. (Sprint2)
4.39€ * 7.79€ *
HPI Senkkopfschneid Schrauben Set (M2.6 x 12mm) 101273
Product-Nr: A62301
HPI Countersunk head screw set (M2.6 x 12mm)...
Original spare part set of the manufacturer HPI. Scope of delivery: 12 pcs
2.19€ * 2.91€ *
HPI H101939 Plazma Alkalie Batterien Set H101939-BULK
Product-Nr: A65291
HPI H101939 Plazma Alkaline Batteries Set...
Alkaline AA standard batteries for radio remote controls or other devices that require AA batteries! Perfect for all HPI RTR kits! The set includes 4 batteries, but they are delivered WITHOUT original packaging.
1.69€ * 2.13€ *
HPI Steckerlader mit JPC Stecker H111833-BULK
Product-Nr: A65287
HPI Plug-in charger with JPC plug H111833-BULK
Standard charger with 330mAH charging current
14.29€ * 17.54€ *
HPI H114291 Metallteile Set
Product-Nr: A65244
HPI H114291 Hardware Set
6.89€ * 11.69€ *
HPI H114286 Super Star Felgen Set weiss
Product-Nr: A65242
HPI H114286 Super Star wheel set (white/4pcs)
Stylen Sie Ihren Q32 Baja Buggy mit einem neuen Felgen Satz!
4.59€ * 7.79€ *
HPI H114290 Plastikteile Set
Product-Nr: A65241
HPI H114290 Plastic part set
7.49€ * 12.66€ *
HPI H114279 Super Star Felgen Set chrom
Product-Nr: A65247
HPI H114279 Super Star Felgen Set chrom
Stylen Sie Ihren Q32 Baja Buggy mit einem neuen Felgen Satz !
7.49€ * 12.66€ *
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