Futaba FX22 FASSTest R7008SB 2,4GHz P-CBFX22EU1

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Futaba FX22 FASSTest R7008SB 2,4GHz P-CBFX22EU1 5028967399604 P-CBFX22EU1... more
Product information "Futaba FX22 FASSTest R7008SB 2,4GHz P-CBFX22EU1"

Futaba FX22 FASSTest R7008SB 2,4GHz P-CBFX22EU1


  • Futaba FX22 FASSTest R7008SB 2,4GHz P-CBFX22EU1 bei Trade4me RC-Modellbau kaufen
    With the FASSTest technology, the Futaba FX22 offers superior transmission security and a very precise, direct control feel. Combined with an extensive range of functions and the high-quality Futaba quality, this makes the FX22 the perfect desk transmitter for all demanding pilots
  • Features
    • 14 channels
    • FASSTest Technology (Futaba Advanced Spread Spectrum Technology) l.
    • 100 mW transmitting power
    • Real-time response
    • Very high range> 3000m
    • Ultrascale, direct, through digital modulation for shortest response times
    • Switchable FASSTest High-Speed ??mode for ultra-fast control of digitalservos with 6.3 ms (12-channel, reduced telemetry functions)
    • EasyLink - extremely easy, fast binding between transmitter and receiver
    • Extremely fast and safe automatic re-binding even under difficult conditions
    • Intelligent servo timing for even servo control and for preventing servo-up time differences
    • Dual Antenna Diversity - fast switching between two receiving antennas for optimum reception signal quality (depending on receiver)
    • Pre-Vision - FASST / FASSTest receivers scan the input signal permanently and apply intelligent Futaba error correction
    • No response speed loss even with a heavily used frequency band
    • Integrated range test to check the range before start-up
    • Modulation type switchable to FASST or FHSS for backward compatibility with existing Futaba components

    • Synchronized bidirectional communication between transmitter and receiver with high telemetry data rate
    • 32 telemetry channels
    • Up to 1000 m range of telemetry
    • Real-time display of telemetry data on integrated display
    • Voice output via optional headphones with 3.5mm jack plug
    • Voice output control via freely selectable switches
    • Melody and sound output (optionally via internal beeper or optional headphones)
    • Vibration alarm
    • Data recording of control signals (stick movements) and telemetry data on SD card
    • PC evaluation software for recorded telemetry and GPS data as well as control signals
    • Receiver signal strength indicator for monitoring the range
    • Distance warning system (with optional GPS sensor) for safe flights at the visual limit
    • Receiver undervoltage warning system for monitoring the receiver battery
    • Freely configurable output of the telemetry data via display, sound, speech and vibration

    • Precision joystick with 12-bit (4,096 steps) resolution for precise and sensitive control
    • The "open stick" mechanism of the joystick is ball-bearing and almost play-free
    • 74x38.5 mm backlit (128x64 dot) display with high contrast for best readability even in strong sunlight
    • Graphical user interface and intuitive cap-touch control wheel (with key lock) for easy operation of all functions
    • 9 languages ??to choose from: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Russian, Japanese or Dutch
    • Unified, intuitive Futaba operation for easy changeover
    • Control elements freely assignable
    • Channel assignment freely assignable
    • Completely removed with 18 control elements: 6 switches, 2 rotary sensors, 2 linear slides, plus 2 optional stick switch and switch
    • 2 linear slides allow convenient operation of additional functions
    • Selectable trimmer selection for all control switches (also switches etc.)
    • Hardware polarity reversal for all sensors and switches for free setting of the switching direction
    • Quick-start model selection in the start-up display for quick model selection
    • Freely configurable user menu
    • Fast switching between telemetry and home timer display
    • Configurable telemetry monitor (1-4)
    • Mode 1-4 switchable
    • Teacher / student function, optionally with optional cable or func- tion module
    With single-function switching (teacher can share individual functions with the student) and mix operation (teacher can exceed all functions)
    • Freely configurable student-teacher channel assignment

    • Digital BUS technology for model sports
    • Future-oriented serial control bus
    • Fully digital integration of S.BUS components such as S.BUS servos, S.BUS controllers and S.BUS sensors
    • S.BUS1 and S.BUS2 (bidirectional) compatible
    • S.BUS components can be programmed and registered directly via the transmitter
    • Serial digital signal ideal for flybarless systems, gyros, and battery switches

    • 30 model memory integrated, expandable with SD card (up to 8 GB, SD and SD-HC), 3862 models with optional SD card
    • Model memory of the T8FG, T14SG or FX-20 transmitter on SD card can be read directly
    • Graphical servomonitor for clear display of all servo travels with servo test function
    • Wide receiver voltage range from 3.6V to 8.4V for flexible selection of receiver battery
    • Future-proof software update with SD card
    • Pre-tested mixer menus for programming all servos and mixing functions depending on model type
    • Type - dependent special mixing programs for engine models (2-6 flaps), sailplane models (2-8 flaps) and
    Futaba FX22 FASSTest R7008SB 2,4GHz P-CBFX22EU1 bei Trade4me RC-Modellbau kaufen
  • Futaba FX22 FASSTest R7008SB 2,4GHz P-CBFX22EU1 bei Trade4me RC-Modellbau kaufen
    Technical Data
    · Channels: 14
    · Transmission system: FASSTest, FASST, S-FHSS
    · Frequency: 2.4 GHz
    · Voltage range: 7.4 V
    · Dimensions: 205x220x55 mm
    · Weight approx .: 890 g
  • Delivery content
    · Transmitter FX22 FASSTest
    · Receiver R7008SB FASSTest
    · Senderakku 2S LiPo 3.400 mAh
    · Charger
    · Switch cable
    · Screwdriver
    · Multilingual user manual
    Futaba FX22 FASSTest R7008SB 2,4GHz P-CBFX22EU1 bei Trade4me RC-Modellbau kaufen

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Kanäle: > 14
Bauart: Pultsender
Mode: 2
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