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EV-Peak Ladekabel mit Bananenstecker für DJI Phantom 2+3 Akkus
Product-Nr: A70024
EV-Peak Charging cable with banana plug for DJI Phantom 2 + 3 batteries
The charging cable to charge your DJI Phantom 2 and 3 batteries to an external charger
4.99€ * 9.90€ *
EV-Peak Ladekabel für DJI Mavic mit Bananenstecker
Product-Nr: A70023
EV-Peak Charger cable for DJI Mavic with banana plug
The charging cable to charge your DJI Mavic batteries on an external charger
4.99€ * 9.90€ *
EV-Peak 1S Lipo Ladegerät E6 für 4 Einzelzellen LiHV fähig
Product-Nr: A70025
EV-Peak 1S Lipo charger E6 for 4 single cells LiHV capable
Four-channel independent output, which can charge four batteries at the same time
36.99€ * 39.99€ *
EV-Peak Ladegerät C1XR EV0309
Product-Nr: A70016
EV-Peak Charger C1XR EV0309
The EV Peak Charger C1XR is a compact charger that can be operated with mains voltage as well as with a DC current source of 11-18 volts DC. It is to be used universally for all conventional types of batteries in model building.
39.99€ * 48.99€ *