HPI Apache C1 Flux

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HPI Madenschraube M3x3mm  HZ700
Product-Nr: A62617
HPI Grub screw M3x3mm HZ700
2.99€ *
HPI Stoppmutter M4 (4St) HZ664
Product-Nr: A62612
HPI Stop nut M4 (4pcs) HZ664
2.99€ *
HPI Senkkopfschraube M3x12mm (Innensechskant) HZ084
Product-Nr: A62586
HPI Countersunk screw M3x12mm (hexagon socket)...
3.99€ *
HPI Federscheiben Set (3x6mm) HZ800
Product-Nr: A62620
HPI Suspension disc set (3x6mm) HZ800
2.99€ *
HPI Flachkopfschraube M3x14mm Innensechskant 100559
Product-Nr: A62205
HPI Flat head screw M3x14mm hexagon socket 100559
2.99€ *
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