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HPI H105505  RSC-18 Elektronischer Fahrtenregler
Product-Nr: A62394
HPI H105505 RSC-18 Elektronischer Fahrtenregler
39.03€ * 45.90€ *
Carson Brushless Set Dragster Sport RTR Waterproof 500906158
Product-Nr: A71297
Carson Brushless Set Dragster Sport RTR...
The DRAGSTER SPORT RTR set is compatible with nearly all 1: 10 models with engine size 540 and fits in many TAMIYA models such as DT-02/03, TT-01/02, TT-02B and many more.
89.99€ * 104.99€ *
HSP 3 in 1 Regler Empfängereinheit schwarz mit T Plug
Product-Nr: A61959
HSP 3 in 1 controller receiver unit black with...
Original spare part for HSP 1:18 vehicles
26.95€ *
LC-Racing Fahrtenregler 60 Ampere Waterproof L6201
Product-Nr: A75075
LC-Racing Speedcontrol 60 amp Waterproof L6201
Tuning speedcontrol for LC racing cars with lots of power
69.99€ *
LC-Racing L6183 Elektronischer Fahrtenregler 80Ah Spritzwasser geschützt L6183
Product-Nr: A75059
LC-Racing L6183 electronic Speed Controller...
Tuning spedd controler for LC-Racing Touring Cars or 1:10 Cars
89.99€ *
HPI Flux Vapor Brushless Regler (wasserdicht) 106627
Product-Nr: A62796
HPI Flux Vapor Brushless Reglulator...
Get the Waterproof Flux Vapor Cruise Control for Brushless and Brushed Motors from HPI! This slider is included as standard in the new Sprint 2 Flux Kits.
96.99€ *
HPI SC-15WP elektronischer Fahrtenregler (wasserdicht) H105906
Product-Nr: A62424
HPI SC-15WP electronic cruise control...
The waterproof SC-15WP cruise control is equipped with a Lipo power-off function so you can not deeply discharge your Lipo. Of course you can also use 6- or 7-cell NiMH batteries! Waterproof!
52.39€ * 52.99€ *
HPI Flux Rage Brushless Regler 1/8, 80A  H101712
Product-Nr: A62330
HPI Flux Rage Brushless Speed Controller 1/8,...
Fit your car or truck with the latest high-power speed controller from the HPI Flux range!
135.00€ *