FMS 1.7M P47

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FMS SH105 SIL Motorhaube
Product-Nr: A66204
FMS SH105 SIL Cowl
15.99€ *
FMS SH310 Maßstab Plastik Cockpit
Product-Nr: A66214
FMS SH310 Plastic Scale Cockpit
24.99€ *
FMS SH309 Motorwelle
Product-Nr: A66213
FMS SH309 Motor shaft
7.99€ *
FMS SH304-SIL Dekorbogen
Product-Nr: A66212
FMS SH304-SIL Decal sheet
12.99€ *
FMS SH107 SIL Plastik Kabinenhaube
Product-Nr: A66206
FMS SH107 SIL Plastic Canopy
2.99€ *
FMS SH317 Motor Bord, V2
Product-Nr: A66375
FMS SH317 Motor Board, V2
14.99€ *
FMS SH318 Motorhalteplatte V2
Product-Nr: A66376
FMS SH318 Motor Mount, V2
7.99€ *
FMS SH103 SIL Seitenleitwerk
Product-Nr: A66364
FMS SH103 SIL Vertical Stabilizer
28.99€ *
FMS SH102 SIL Tragflächen set
Product-Nr: A66363
FMS SH102 SIL main wing set
65.99€ * 49.99€ *
FMS SH101 SIL Rumpf
Product-Nr: A66362
FMS SH101 SIL Fuselage
69.99€ * 58.99€ *
FMS SH302 Gestänge
Product-Nr: A66211
FMS SH302 Linkage rod
2.99€ *
FMS SH108 SIL Schaum Kabinenhaube
Product-Nr: A66207
FMS SH108 SIL Foam Canopy
12.99€ *
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