Dynam T28

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Dynam T-28-17-Graues Cockpit
Product-Nr: A63150
Dynam T-28-17-Grey Cockpit
15.99€ *
Dynam T28-14-Grey Dekorbogen
Product-Nr: A63146
Dynam T28-14-Grey decal
15.99€ *
Dynam T28-14-Red Dekorbogen
Product-Nr: A63145
Dynam T28-14-Red decal
15.99€ *
Dynam T28-05-Red Haube
Product-Nr: A63135
Dynam T28-05-Red canopy
8.99€ *
Dynam Pilotenfigur für T28 DYB-04
Product-Nr: A63153
Dynam Pilot figure for T28 DYB-04
5.99€ *
Dynam T-28-17-Red Cockpit
Product-Nr: A63149
Dynam T-28-17-Red Cockpit
15.99€ *
Dynam T28-12 Flächensteckung
Product-Nr: A63143
Dynam T28-12 Bolt Pipe
3.99€ *
Dynam T28-11 Anlenkgestänge
Product-Nr: A63142
Dynam T28-11 push rod
4.99€ *
Dynam T28-06-Red Motorhaube
Product-Nr: A63137
Dynam T28-06-Red cowl(red)
18.99€ *
Dynam T28-05-Grey Haube
Product-Nr: A63136
Dynam T28-05-Grey canopy
8.99€ *
Dynam T28-04-Grey Höhenleitwerk
Product-Nr: A63134
Dynam T28-04-Grey elevator
13.99€ *
Dynam T28-04-Red Höhenleitwerk
Product-Nr: A63133
Dynam T28-04-Red elevator
13.99€ *
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