Dynam C47

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Dynam SKYB-012 Flächenstrebe
Product-Nr: A63060
Dynam SKYB-012 Wing tube
6.99€ *
Dynam SKYB-003-Green Tragfläche
Product-Nr: A63051
Dynam SKYB-003-Green main wing
24.99€ *
Dynam SKYB-008 Anlenkung
Product-Nr: A63056
Dynam SKYB-008 Push rod
6.99€ *
Dynam SKYB-005-Green Ruder
Product-Nr: A63053
Dynam SKYB-005-Green Rudder
9.99€ *
Dynam SKYB-001-Green Rumpf
Product-Nr: A63049
Dynam SKYB-001-Green fuselage
30.99€ *
Dynam Skybus Schraubenset SKYB-015
Product-Nr: A63062
Dynam Skybus Schraubenset SKYB-015
6.95€ *
Dynam Kunststoffteilesatz SKYB-007
Product-Nr: A63055
Dynam Plastic Parts Set SKYB-007
5.99€ *
Dynam Spinner SKYB-014
Product-Nr: A63061
Dynam Spinner SKYB-014
6.99€ *
Dynam SKYB-010 Motorhalterung
Product-Nr: A63058
Dynam SKYB-010 Motor mount(2pcs)
8.99€ *
Dynam SKYB-009-Green Dekorbogen
Product-Nr: A63057
Dynam SKYB-009-Green decal
14.99€ *
Dynam Batterie Cover SKYB-012
Product-Nr: A63059
Dynam Battery Cover SKYB-012
15.99€ *