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Trade4me, the RC Model Shop

Trade4me rc model onlineshop is your specialist for models, parts and equipment in the rc (radio controlled) area.

Drones and fpv racer

We have multicopters also known as drones, quadrocopters, quadcopter, copter and hexacopter in our range. Most of them are equipped with a camera for the possibility of air photography. Besides that we also have FPV Racer, which you can fly with the view of the real pilot if you have the special glasses for that. FPV stands for First Person View.

Small and big rc cars in the size of 1:32 to 1:5

Furthermore we have different kind of rc cars in our range. The controlled cars are available in the brushed, brushless, on-road, off-road, buggy, truggy, touring, rally, short course and drift option. Following sizes are available 1:5,1:8, 1:10, 1:12, 1:14, 1:16, 1:18, 1:24 and 1:32.

Radio controlled planes

Aditionally we have a big selection of planes. Especially popular are our warbirds but also our aerobatics, gliders, 3d models and micromodels are popular as well. The sizes of our models out of styro range from 710mm-2000mm.

RC ships and boats

Our rc boats are perfectly made for the little swimming pool but also for the big sea nearby. Our speed boats are for everyone that likes it a bit more faster.

Radio controlled helicopters

Controlled helicopters are another option to reach out to the sky. With a lot of them you are able to fly 3d stunts. Though that takes some training to do so perfectly.

RC Toys - radio controlled fun

For the litte children and the big playkids in us we have the categorie rc-toys. Here you'll find everything about the topic of controlled toys. As example action cars, quadcopters and helicopters. Furthermore you'll find our electric boards / longboards here.

RC equipment like backpacks, batteries, motors, esc and more

Besides our rc toys categorie we have the equipment. Here you'll literally be overwhelmed by our big selection! We have everything that you'll need and can think of.

New offers in our rc model shop

Don't miss our supersale categorie. You'll find all of our big sales right there!

New in the Trade4Me onlineshop

We always try our best to offer the latest products in the market for you. If you seek something new then you'll like this categorie for sure.